JW0PK / Prins Karl Forland / IOTA EU-063


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Svalbard Island is located in the Artic Ocean, Prins Karl Forland being the leftest island of the group, the camp was on 78°26' 40'' N / 11°53' 35'' E (WW loc : JQ58WK)

Before our departure from Longyearbyen, we have been saluted by a local patrol, wishing us good luck before reaching our boat to JW0PK Qth. In fact, part of the group was yet there when the 2nd set of operators arrived on the Island. And we soon realized that we will have to share the beach with locals !

Local weather can be stormy and cold but also so sunny. .. So the landscape is always beautiful to look at, even under strong wind.

The local population was really warmful ! Thanks to you guys for keeping the danger away from our camp... with a little exception one morning, which leaded us to be more careful.

One should want to stay in such a beautiful place forever, where you can awake up facing clear water and glacier but some day you have to come back home.

Back to the civilization, with the Main Street, pedestrians and parkings. ..

The whole JW0PK team consisted of (l. to r.) : Marc - ON4AMX, Angelo - I2ADN, Terje - JW3OHA, Gerben - PA5NT, Jacek - SP5DRH, Witek - SP5LCC (SK 24 VI '08 - RIP), Chris - DL5NAM, Claude - F5PBL, Andrea - IK2XDE, Dario - IK4MED, Giampaoalo - IK2XDF

73 QRO, Claude