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3W2KF - Hô Chi Minh City / Saigon

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The Operator BEFORE a pile-up ...

Antennas of the hotel. .. but only one of them (the Yagi) has been used for transmitting !

I did not checked but I have been told that this Divinity has 1000 eyes, 1000 heads and 999 arms (a devoted visitor has taken the 1000th back with him)

The  People's Council and the City Theater, in the hotel vicinity

Local landscape, some "cultural shock" ...

Notre-Dame, built by French, with materials brought from France !

Some Japanese operators have been active at the end of March from Da Nang. We have spent an evening together when they arrived in Hô Chi Minh. In the hotel, along with XV3AA, 3W2AR and 3W2LI. Then ... a bit later, even the Musicians were "foreigners" as they were coming from Philippines !

I was really amazed when I saw these pictures, where you need a great amount of patience when you are using pieces of duck eggs

Hô Chi Minh Museum, colonial style ... and General Post Office, usually assigned to Gustave Eiffel

Here is how  rice pancakes are made, dried under the sun.

Streets are always really crowded, but if you can successfully drive here, then you will not be affraid of this or that !

73 QRO, Claude